Upper Mustang trekking

upper mustang trekkingThe trekking to upper mustang is also popularly known as trekking to mustang only as it contains almost all parts of mustang districts. The trekking to this region will enables us to get candid with the local tradition of Buddhists of that region. At many part of the mustang districts people still practices the traditional Tibetan culture and traditions. The view of beautiful houses along with the hospitable and loyal people will surely makes our trekking to upper mustang notable.  The region is blessed also with the beautiful landscapes.  This district of Nepal is said as the desert of Nepal as very few rain falls occur during the whole year at these districts. The Rocky Mountains along with the view of snow capped mountains far from us will mesmerize us during the whole trek. The trail that we will take to go towards the Upper Mustang Trekking  is actually the classic route of salt trading from Tibet to Nepal. The trekking to this region will be fantastic if we trek during the October, November, December, February, March and April. A Nepal Trek is organizing the trekking at these lands according to the wish of trekkers throughout the year.

Our trekking starts with the splendid flight over to the mountain to Jomsom accessible from Pokhara. Then the route will follow the villages like Kagbeni, Syanbochen, Ghami, Tsarang and Lo Mangthang viewing and enjoying the beautiful scenery of natural things presented there. During our trek, we will visit the holy places i.e. Muktinath temple which will make ours trekking worthwhile. The trekking will be start and end at Jomsom.


Day 01: Arrival to Kathmandu

Upon your arrival at Kathmandu at TIA, a representative of A Nepal Trek will warmly welcome you to Nepal. She/he will guide you towards the hotel room of Nepal. The day can be either rest day or some sightseeing day of Kathmandu. The night will be at the hotel by discussing about the tour and enjoying the delicious dinner.

Day 02: Kathmandu to Pokhara

Early morning, the trekking will starts with a drive over to Pokhara. The route goes for about 7 to 8 hours on bus. We will certainly enjoy the panoramic view of the roadside houses and forest. The night will be fascinating at Pokhara viewing some spectacular places around the valley. The night will be at one of the best hotel at Pokhara.

Day 03: Pokhara to Jomsom to Kagbeni

Early morning with the rising sun, we will begin our trekking by moving towards the airport to catch the flight to Jomsom. From Jomsom, we will walk through the Kali Gandaki river route towards the Eklebahtti to reach to Kagbeni. Kagbeni is a beautiful village of that region where every one of us will be eager to stay and to explore more about the beautiful village.

Day 04: Kagbeni to Chele

After visiting around the Kagbeni in the mean time, we will continue our trekking following the way towards the restricted areas of mustang districts. The tail goes several ups and downs to reach to the Tangbe village and then Chhuksang village and finally to the Chele village. The ngiht will be splendidly fantastic at Chele at 3100m above sea level.

Day 05: Chele to Geling

From Chele village the trail will climb gradually towards the Chele pass at 3630m. Continuing our trail, we will enter into the beautiful and ever going trail and then descends to Samar at 3620m. We will be serves with the natural and beautiful view mountains ranges. The trail will climb towards the Bhena La, Yamdo La and then descend towards the Shyangmochen at 3800m. Then we will walk towards the beautiful village of Geling to clear the night.

Day 06: Geling to Charang

We will have the early morning view of the surrounding of Geling and will marched towards the west climbing to the gently sloped area and through the fields. Then the trail will follows towards the Tama Gaon, Nyi La pass and steeply to the Ghemi village. After spending some moments at Ghemi, we will climb towards the Choya La pass and then a gentle steep way will leads us to Chharang at 3560m.

Day 07: Charang to Lo Mangthang

From Charang, we will follow the descending trail to cross the Charang Chu and then we need to climb the steep and rocky trail to Tholung valley. After walking through the trail for several hours, we will see the wall of Lo Mangthang. Walking for several hours/minutes will be enough for us to reach at Lo Mangthang at 3840m.

Day 08: Lo Mangthang rest day

We will spend a day at lo Mangthang to explore more about the region. We will visit the local temples and monasteries along with several beautiful Gompas. Similarly, interacting with the local people to get candid with their local tradition will be exhilarating.  The night will be splendid at Lo Mangthang.

Day 09: Lo Mangthang to Drakmar

From Lo Mangthang, we will have a climb towards the ridge at 4070m glimpsing some bravura view of Lo Mangthang from the increasing height. We will continue our way climbing to Chogo La at 4325m. We will continue our journey until we reach to Drakmar stopping at many places like Ghar Gompa, Chharang River and other beautiful places of that region.  The night will be at Drakmar.

Day 10: Drakmar to Shyangmochen

The trail from the Drakmar will descends following the beautiful walls and fields of Drakmar. And then the trail climb towards the ridge for several moments and will descends back to Jaite after awhile. From Jaite again the path descends gently to Chhung -Kah. Continuing the trail will leads us to Tama gaon and then further to Shyangmochen. The night will be remarkable at Shyangmochen.

Day 11: Shyangmochen to Chhuksang

From Shyangmochen, we will return back to Chhuksang following the same path down to the region. We will view around our eyes with the pleasant state of mind which will surely mesmerize many of the fellow trekkers. The journey will be fun indeed. After descend of hourly long trail, we will spend the night at Chhuksang pleasantly.

Day 12: Chhuksang to Kagbeni

From Chhuksang, we will move towards our next journey following the return path to Kagbeni. The trekking to this returning way will mesmerize our mind and will compel us to remark these moments as the best moments of our life. After the daylong trekking, we will be finally to Kagbeni. If the visit to Kagbeni was not enough for the first time, then we will make another visit over to the beautiful village of Kagbeni.

Day 13: Kagbeni to Jomsom

Early morning, we will enjoy our breakfast the nearest hotel and will move towards the Jomsom. We can enjoy the return journey to the Jomsom by viewing the best sceneries along with the interaction of the local people. We will be served by the lunch on the way during the return trail to Jomsom. The night will be undoubtedly at Jomsom.

Day 14: Jomsom to Pokhara

From Jomsom, we will catch the early flight over to Pokhara. Within an interval of about 45 minutes, we will be at Pokhara. The leisure time of the day will be obviously being spending at the Pokhara to visit around the valley. We will definitely enjoy the day at Pokhara. Overnight at one of the best hotel arranged by A Nepal Trek at Pokhara.

Day 15: Pokhara to Kathmandu

From Pokhara, we will catch the local bus to return back to Kathmandu. Within the interval of about 7 to 8 hours, we will be at Kathmandu. We will surely enjoy the road trip to Kathmandu viewing some glorious view of surrounding from the windows of the vehicle. The night will be relaxing at Kathmandu at one of the best hotel.

Day 16: Farewell

After having a relaxing night at Kathmandu, finally, the day of returning back to our home country and busy schedule has come with the ending of our glittering tour over to the highlands of Nepal. A Nepal Trek will organize a small farewell program at the airport and will help for any inconvenience that may arise during the departure.  We wish for your better journey ahead.